Dr. Shakhawat Hossain Sayantha

Dr. Shakhawat Hossain Sayantha

On behalf of Bangladesh Multicare Hospital, we are delighted to extend a warm greeting to you. Our mission is to develop a transdisciplinary healthcare team with high-quality and compassionate care, deliver new clinical and service experiences, and achieve operational excellence. We encourage, promote, and practice high-quality, moral, evidence-based medicine at our hospital.

Our medical, administrative, and support staff are highly qualified and devoted. Bangladesh Multicare Hospital is one of the leading hospitals in Bangladesh because of its top medical personnel, quality medication, and continuous improvement. This entire package, among other things, is what provides a high and consistent level of service for all visitors to our hospital.

Our staff are dedicated to providing excellent hospitality and quality services. These services are made available to everyone in line with their requirements, acknowledging and respecting the cultural variety, including age, gender, color, country, and socioeconomic situation.

The services that our hospital provides, for both curative and preventative healthcare purposes, are being continually expanded and improved. To accommodate the increased demands of our patients, we are constantly developing the practice. Through this website, we hope to provide information on the operations of our hospital as well as the plans and initiatives we have in place to help them stay up with the latest advances in medicine. As usual, we want to give you better care and service. I would like to invite you to learn more about our offers and provide feedback. We will be happy to work to provide you with what you seek in the area of medicine and surgery.

We hope to meet your current and future medical requirements!

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